Webinar Training Video

Entrepreneur Education ‘Webinar Training Courses’ are highly inter-active with the FREE coursework and the paid training courses. Be committed to your learning to achieve your potential, to attaining wealth and success

The Training

Watch the training several times and complete the training booklet in part 2 as part of a free training course in the series.

We invite you to progress unto the webinar training courses named ‘Transformation’ separated into 3 Themes of 7 sections;

The 3 Themes are;

1. Personal Development Training (P.D.T) 2. Business Entrepreneur training (B.E.T) 3. Spiritual Entrepreneur Training (S.E.T)

The 7 sections are;

i. Mindset (P.D.T) ii. The Body; health & fitness (P.D.T) iii. Bronze (B.E.T) iv. Silver (B.E.T) v. Gold (B.E.T) vi. Spiritual Business Entrepreneur Training (S.E.T) vii. Spiritual training (S.E.T)
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